Welcome To Neurology & Sleep Medicine Associates

East Mesa Location

As a neurologic and sleep disorders specialty clinic, Neurology & Sleep Medicine Associates’ work is in a unique partnership of health care: providing and interpreting your tests, serving as a consultant to your referring physician and providing medical care for your specific neurologic and sleep disorder needs.

Neurology & Sleep Medicine Associates’ has been carefully structured to provide a personal approach to patient care.  Our goal is to provide you with very good service and pay close attention to your individual needs and concerns. Some of our core tenants are:

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      A Trusting Relationship:

      The providers at Neurology & Sleep Medicine Associates take a genuine interest in you, the person, & in your personal well -being. Our providers believe that it is equally important to spend time both listening to your concerns as well as diagnosing and treating your specific health condition.

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      Patient Education:

      Neurology & Sleep Medicine Associates advocates thorough patient education. We believe that sharing the updated medical information about your illness with you, as well as, involving you in the care plan are an important part of health care. We make every effort to work with you as a partner to deliver the best care to you.

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      Responsive Care:

      Knowing that you are anxious to find answers our medical staff strives to provide an environment that is warm and responsive to your needs. You are assured of receiving a timely appointment after your call our office. From our providers to our support staff we are committed to return your calls to answer questions or to provide medication refills in a timely manner.